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  • Order sample cards?
  • Yes, we have different sample cards made from different materials. See the “Sample” button on our homepage.
  • Can you order individual samples (with the exact design of the customer)?
  • Yes, this costs 95 € (net) and the production time is approx. 20 working days. We need the design as a vector file.
  • Can you print / edit the cards on both sides?
  • Yes, as we print on metal surfaces, we prefer the screen printing process. We use PANTONE colors to ensure the most exact color reproduction possible. Images and gradients are printed in four-color offset printing (CMYK).
  • Can you also order blanks?
  • Yes, all metals can also be ordered as blanks.
  • Can the cards be embossed?
  • Yes, “Etching” can be selected as a free service. Fonts, logos and samples can be embossed (subject to the feasibility check).
  • Are the cards really made of steel?
  • Yes, the cards can also be deeply engraved. This effort will be charged separately.
  • I don't have a design, can you help me?
  • And. We offer a design service for a flat rate of 120 € (net). If a logo is available and is to be used, it must be provided as a vector file.
  • What is the minimum order quantity?
  • The minimum order quantity is 50 pieces per design. If only the names on the individual cards change and the rest remain the same, the number can be added up. Orders of less than 50 pieces are possible in exceptional cases and require an extra charge.
  • How long does the delivery take?
  • The delivery time for the production of the individual cards is approx. 20 working days after the proof has been approved. It is possible to order express cards. Here we use preproduced cards from the warehouse (a selection can be found on our homepage under express cards) and produce according to the order clarity in up to 24 hours. Please send the details by email to or discuss them by phone.
  • Can you cut out parts of the map (so you can see through)?
  • We call this service “cut-out”. We offer this as a free service. Texts, logos and patterns can be cut out. Please clarify feasibility.
  • Can I also engrave the cards deeply?
  • Yes, the cards can also be deeply engraved. This effort will be charged separately.
  • Up to what thickness can the surface of the card be processed?
  • The surfaces can be processed up to a thickness of 0.8 mm, depending on the card type.
  • What shape can an NFC chip have?
  • The coil of the NFC chip is round as standard. Other forms must be requested.
  • Can an NFC chip also be transparent?
  • Yes, NFC chips can also be ordered transparently.
  • How is the QR code integrated on the card?
  • The QR code is printed or lasered.
  • Can the NFC chip be printed with a QR code?
  • Yes, this is technically possible.
  • Can a QR code be printed in color?
  • Yes, this can also be printed in color.
  • Are there any other materials?
  • Yes, there is also carbon fiber and glass fiber.
  • What data do you need from me as a customer?
  • Please refer to our design guidelines for this.
  • Please let us advise you on this.
  • Yes, there is also carbon fiber and glass fiber.
  • Can titanium be used as map material?
  • This is possible for a surcharge.
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