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Your configuration options

Whether real color printing, indentations or laser engraving, whether individual numbers, names or barcodes, whether chips or magnetic strips, a lot is possible with us. You can find out exactly what on this page.


Natural finish

Natural finish means an unprocessed surface. Here, the material or the coating comes into its own in an unadulterated and natural way. The material surface thus corresponds to its original structure and feel.

Brushed finish

When a metal is brushed, it gets a stylish, structured surface and a pleasant but noticeable feel. Light reflections are effectively refracted in the grooves of the material and give your cards a very special look.

Textured finish

With our textured finish, the surface is given a rough structure. It can best be compared to a frosted or slightly leathery surface. This structure has the advantage of avoiding fingerprints.

Mirror finish

Our mirror finish is an impressive option for surface finishing. We polish the surface so strongly that you can see yourself reflected in it. This cool and technical touch is impressive and incomparable but also delicate.

Etched background pattern

Use the opportunity and structure the card surface with your individual decorative pattern. You can’t think of anything? No problem, we would be happy to advise you or use our selection of templates. An individual structure gives your card an elegant, distinctive touch.



With this form of processing, we can deepen logos, fonts, pictograms by about 0.1 mm. The visual and tactile effect is comparable to blind embossing. The advantage here is that, unlike blind embossing, the information on the back side of the card does not show through.


Our cutout can be described as almost unique in the production of metal cards. Take the opportunity and cut out your logo, pictogram or lettering. This special service does not cost us any extra charge. If you have any questions about the creation, use the option of telephone advice or have our design guidelines sent to you.

Laser engraving

With our high-tech lasers of the latest generation, we engrave the finest elements and the smallest writings into the metal. The interplay with our real metal surfaces is fascinating and unique at the same time. They complement each other to create a coherent overall picture.

Color printing

We use all possible printing processes on metal. We get the best color saturation and depth in the screen printing process. Here we use real PANTONE printing inks. In order to increase the durability, we – whenever possible – print the colors slightly deepened. In addition to the visual, there is also a haptic effect. This process is almost unique in the industry. In addition to this unusual process, we print 4-color CMYK using UV direct and offset printing.


Magnetic stripe

Would you like to use your metal cards for payment transactions or the registration of employees, customers or members? Then act sustainably and take advantage of the durability of our metal cards in contrast to the usual plastic cards. Have our durable magnetic strips inserted into your metal cards and enjoy the good and long-lasting quality.

QR-Codes/ Barcodes

In order to expand the functionality of our metal cards, we offer the option of customization with barcodes or QR codes. Our excellent print quality enables error-free reading. We would be happy to advise you and check the legibility of the codes you have created.

Signature field

Writing on metal is a challenge. The solution for this is our imprinted signature field. This form of customization enables our high-quality cards to be used widely as membership, customer, discount, debit and credit cards.

RFID NFC chips

With our chip cards, we connect the digital with the analog world. This bridging increases the application possibilities of our fine metal cards many times over. Transport data in a particularly high-quality and unique form, make yourself and your message unforgettable.


Serial number (ascending or descending)

Each one of your already special business cards is individually numbered and therefore unique. Use this feature to identify customers or members or to give the owner of the metal card a special feeling of uniqueness.

Individual names and / or numbers

Many would like the combination of individual names and numbers. The implementation is often cost-intensive and time-consuming. Not with us! Provide us with an Excel list with names and numbers divided into columns and we will do the rest. Each card receives the combination you specify in Excel – that’s a promise!

Individual QR codes / or barcodes

Do you want each card to have its own barcode or QR code? No problem – we’d be happy to do it for you. With only a small surcharge, each card is unique.