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Brass business cards for your golden status symbol


Brass business cards for your golden status symbol

Our premium brass business card is the most luxurious of all cards. It is reminiscent of a solid gold bar and stands for luxury, gloss and authority.

Why you should choose the golden brass business card You and your business are something very special and you would like to tell your customers that when they first meet them? Then our golden brass business card is the perfect status symbol for you. You give your customers and partners a gold business card, so to speak. This is an amazing eye-catcher and your recipients will be amazed. Our brass card is golden luxury, a metal card like gold with a radiant effect.

Ideas for different industries:


Fashion labels and designers

A brass business card is an excellent choice for your fashion label. Stylish, timeless and glamorous. The gold look never goes out of style and conveys a clear message to all fashion victims: your clothes are worth the money.

Real estate agent

Are your customers looking for the perfect property like Hans with the magic beans for the goose’s golden eggs? Then don’t keep your customers waiting any longer and give you that long-awaited piece of gold right there: your business card. A business card made of gold-colored brass goes perfectly with the real estate industry, as it allows you to set yourself apart from the competition and show your customers that your properties are the best.

Luxury goods

Yachts in Mallorca or Ibiza, fast cars, expensive watches or the best Jacuzzis – they all have one thing in common: they are classified as luxury goods. If you and your product belong to this segment, our golden brass business card is just right for you! Speech is silver, silence is gold. We are of course always careful to provide our customers with the utmost discretion. With us you are in safe hands, our gold card will make your first impression an unforgettable one.

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