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NFC is everywhere

It is a technology that you have probably seen somewhere in your phone as you fondled through the settings.
The use of NFC for things like contactless payments and smart business cards was on the rise steadily, and it reached new levels of popularity during and after the Coronavirus pandemic.
Let’s see how we use it in our metal card products.

Customized NFC-Tags

The antenna

is a coil or loop of wire etched on a strategic section on the NFC chip. It detects or releases radio waves and is responsible for easy communication in NFC Technology. Though antennas are usually designed to be discreet and small, we can make custom-size antennas that will work with products of different sizes. We offer this service usually for larger orders so please feel free to contact us if you have any question.
Metal nfc business cards

Add NFC Chips

All our Metal Cards have NFC Chips as an Add-on option.
You can Simply click the option when creating your Card-Order.
Metal cards
Metal Card Products
Matt Black, Gold, Copper etc..

What are the advantages of NFC technology?

Security: Due to the small transmission distance of a few centimetres, NFC technology is very secure compared to WLAN or Bluetooth.

Savings potential: Depending on the area of application, you can save a lot of time, money and resources.

Operation: Very easy, self-explanatory operation and this almost completely automatically.

Versatility: The NFC technology allows for an almost infinite number of possible applications. Call up the instructions for your washing machine, open your locker or use it as a business card at the next exhibition.

Simplicity: Using NFC very rarely requires a specific app. Mostly only the device with the NFC chip is needed, e.g. NFC metal cards.

Economical: Due to the passive mode, an NFC chip does not need any power and therefore does not need its own power supply.

NFC Chips in our Metal Cards

Our Recommendation / Our Standard


144 - 872 byte's

Our Recommendation is the NTAG 213 we use this NFC TAG in all NFC card orders

MIFARE - Series

Ultralight / Classic / Desfire

Used from Festival entries to Public transport


144 - 872 byte's

Longer distance communication possible

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to use a different type then our Standard of NFC Chip in your Metal Cards

Contact Us Order Sample
Metal cards

How do NFC Tags work?

An NFC chip with an antenna is called an NFC TAG. This can appear in the form of a sticker in various sizes or be together embedded in plastic. Each chip receives a unique UID-number and can thus also be used for proof of identity.

But how does it all work?

You have to imagine the built-in antenna as a rolled-up spiral. The spiral now generates an electromagnetic field with which the NFC chips exchange data by means of inductive coupling and this completely wirelessly. The data itself can be telephone numbers, links, contact and access data. The reading device gets access and instructions from the data-transmitting device on what to do next. Examples would be that it should open a website or establish a data connection to its own bank account.

The NFC chip can adopt 2 modes. One is an active mode and the other is a passive mode. In active mode, an electromagnetic field is generated. However, this is only used to generate electricity and not for data transmission. If a device is held close to the NFC chip, the magnetic field can be used to generate an electrical voltage in the coil of the passive chip. Most NFC transactions today are passive, i.e. without the use of an additional power supply.

NFC Cards in action

Payment methods

Metal cards

consider all the things you have to pay for and the number of cards you carry. With an NFC-enabled card in your itinerary, you could seamlessly process all your payment activities in one go.

Hotel Key Cards

Metal cards

With the popularity of smart doors and hotel rooms, who says you don't need smart keys? Get custom-made hotel keys that are NFC driven to hold all the important information about you and your stay at your favourite hotels.

Sales Results Tracking

Metal cards

Track results and performance of your sales team on the go. With an NFC tag and a smartphone, you don't need anything else to stay updated on the efforts of your marketing and sales teams.

Our Solution

Event Ticketing

Metal cards

Wow your fans and ticket holders with our custom NFC Tags. Issue NFC-enabled tickets to subscribers to your events instead of some cheap generic knockoffs.

Loyalty cards (point systems)

Metal cards

Members are the backbone of any business. Take your membership and loyalty points system to another level by issuing NFC tags holding each member's details and where they stand on the membership leaderboard.

Public Transport

Metal cards

Move ahead of your competition by adopting NFC tags as the centrepiece of your customer ID system. While your clients can view their information, learn your routes, and guard their schedules by simply swiping the NFC tags against readers.

The best time to take advantage of these amazing capabilities is today.

Card-Configurator Order Sample

Material Thicknesses

  • 0,8 mm
  • 1,5 mm


  • What is the minimum quantity order for NFC Cards?
  • We Produce every NFC Card Order individually. There is no minimum quantity, you could theoretically order one card.
  • What is the Turnaround Time for NFC Cards?
  • Our standard turnaround time for metal NFC cards is 2-5 business days for express cards and between 3-4 weeks for regular orders from the time of purchase. However, we also offer rush production for an additional fee. You can contact us for an accurate timeline estimate.
  • Do You Accept Custom Designs?
  • Yes, we accept custom designs for NFC cards. Simply send us your design file and we will get to work creating your one-of-a-kind custom business cards.
  • Do You Ship Internationally?
  • Yes, we ship internationally for our international clients. Please contact us for shipping rates to your specific country. We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. We also accept PayPal and bank transfer (wire) payments.
  • What is the range of NFC?
  • What makes NFC technology special is its very short range and its relatively low transmission rate. The maximum distance between transmitter and receiver is 20 cm. However, the NFC software is usually limited to less then 4cm for a more data safe environment.
  • Can the NFC tags be rewritten and how often?
  • Each NFC tag can be overwritten with data again and again. Depending on the model, they are typically expected to last between 20 and 50 years and may be rewritten to up to 100,000 times. It is possible, to lock the NFC tags to prevent them from being overwritten.
  • Do NFC tags work near metal?
  • No, they normally do not work when they are on or near metal surfaces.

    So why do they work on our NFC metal cards? It is possible if a shielded tag is used. These tags are called on-metal tags and have an extra layer of ferrite (a ceramic metal) built in. This ferrite layer shields and protects the tag from interference caused by the metal.
  • Is RFID technology the same as NFC technology?
  • RFID stands for "Radio Frequency Identification" and, just like the NFC chip, is used for communication between a reader and a TAG (NFC chip with antenna). Only with NFC can two devices communicate with each other and exchange data. With RFID, this is only possible in one direction. This means that the chip can only be either a transmitter or a receiver, but never both.

What is NFC?

The abbreviation NFC stands for "N = Near F = Field C = Communication". This is a radio technology that can transmit data within a short distance within four centimetres. Transmission via Bluetooth and WLAN, on the other hand, can cover distances of up to 100 metres.

NFC technology is often used as a supplement to Bluetooth and WLAN. The reason lies in the speed of the pairing of two devices. NFC can be regarded as a key during the pairing process, whereas Bluetooth first needs the consent of the other device and WLAN usually requires the entry of a password. Thus, the time required for NFC is only one tenth compared to the other two methods.

The international NFC transmission standard was founded by the companies Nokia, Philips and Sony. The NFC Forum, which was also founded, defines the specifications and expands them as needed. The company Infineon has subsequently joined as a sponsor member and is actively involved in the strategic and technical direction.

How are NFC cards manufactured and what is their structure?

The main components of a contactless chip card are very similar to those of a contact chip card. First of all, a chip module is needed. This integrated circuit is glued into the carrier material and its connecting wires are attached to the contact surface. Then, a sealing material is used, a special epoxy resin. The sealing compound is also called "glop-top" and protects the bonding wires and the chip body from environmental influences. These can be moisture and mechanical stress.

However, the energy supply and data transmission is not carried out via the contact surface, but by using electromagnetic induction. This can be used with the use of an antenna. In order to combine these two main components, chip module and antenna, we still need a carrier material. Four PVC foils of about 0.2 mm thickness are used, two inlet foils that form the core and two overlay foils that form the outside. The two overlay foils can be printed with the layout of the chip card. One of the two inlay foils, also called the carrier foil, is fitted with the antenna coil and this is then connected to the chip module. The second inlet foil serves as a cover. A cavity is punched in it in which the other main component, the chip module, must fit. At the end, the cavity is filled with a sealing compound.

Order Samples

We have different sample cards in our range that you can order individually or in combination. Different metals are available: stainless steel, matt black steel, brass and copper. We have also developed the sample box, which clearly shows all materials, finishes and thicknesses and is well suited for advertising agencies.

Metal cards Individual

You are looking for a special business card that stands out from the mass of metal business cards.

Metal cards Design

Our designers specialize in the creation of premium business cards. Use our design service to create the best business card design together with us.

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