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Matt black business cards



Matt black business cards as a serious and discreet figurehead

Our premium business card made of blackened steel has become the secret favorite of many of our customers. Compared to the stainless steel card, the matt black business card, when properly staged, usually looks even more high quality and serious. The matt black, even surface feels velvety and smooth in the hand. Light is absorbed so the card does not show any sheen or shine. The card does not reflect any light and thus represents a serious and discreet value proposition between you and your customer. Let our matt black business card take you to the dark side of metal cards.

Why you should choose the matt black business card Most of our customers who are interested in the matt black business card only have this focus. Usually none of our other metal cards are suitable for them. This is very easy for us to understand. The dark, noble card speaks for itself and anyone who has held such a copy in their hands is no longer satisfied with a normal business card. The black card just looks high-quality and luxurious. Due to the blackened steel, matt black cards are more reminiscent of black, solid stone such as obsidian. The card is best used in a thickness of 0.5mm. It looks neither tinny nor sharp-edged. A real gem in a serious matt black garment.

Ideas for different industries:


Luxury goods

Jewelry, real estate, champagne or a hot tub? We understand all of this by luxury. Your customers have high standards and luxury is part of their everyday life? Then our matt black business card suits you perfectly. Our matte black business card is one of the two options available to our luxury minded clientele. The second option would of course be our gold card, but a gold card is not the right one for every product. Many of our customers in the luxury segment rely on matt black. For us, luxury means exclusivity and quality. These two factors combine to perfection in our matt black card.


Consulting firms and insurance companies

The matt black business cards are an excellent choice for the strategic advisory service sector or the insurance industry. As a consultant or insurance broker, you can pass the cards on to your customers without any worries and thus convey the necessary seriousness and integrity to you. The value of your business card is reflected in your work. In this way, you can give your customers the right feeling even before the project starts, so that they see their project and strategy in the right hands with you. Especially when it comes to services, it is difficult for customers to compare different providers. Take them out of their concerns at the first appointment and give them a business card that speaks for itself.

Fashion and textile industry

Classic, elegant and stylish. These attributes mostly play a big role in the fashion industry. Our motto is “Black is the new black”. With this elegant, matte black business card you will surely never make a fashion faux pas. A business card made of blackened steel is all the rage as an accessory. There is probably no easier way to convey your sense of aesthetics to your customers than to present them with your matt black business card. The high-quality material in combination with a sophisticated design is an absolute rarity and your customers will remember it for a long time. So fashion designers appreciate the properties of different materials. Some fabrics are flexible, some fall gently and still others are rigid. Each material allows you to create different techniques and creations. We want to offer you the same freedom of creation. You can work excellently with our metal cards. Compared to conventional business cards made of paper, they are a lot more stable and impressive effects can be achieved by cutting out, engraving or embossing. Show your customers your competence and creativity with a fashionable, matt black business card from MetalicCards.

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