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NFC Business Card for Networking

NFC business card for networking

Digitalisation is advancing. Since the corona pandemic, we have taken a big step forward. Doesn't it seem unbelievable that we still hand out thousands of paper business cards every year, most of which end up in the bin instead of being used as a contact on a smartphone? We have a solution to the problem: the NFC business card for networking.


Networking with the NFC Business Card

The NFC Business Card makes networking much easier. With the NFC Business Card, you can share not only your contact details but also your homepage and social media accounts with other people in seconds. The phone number, the email address, the Instagram account changes? Again, new business cards have to be printed and the old ones go in the trash. That won't happen to you with the NFC business card. All you need is this card and you can share your information with any smartphone or tablet in no time. The recipient does not have to copy and digitise the data from the business card first.


How does networking with the NFC card work?

You choose the design you want for your new NFC business card online, create a profile and link your accounts to it. This way, your profiles on Facebook, Instagram and co. are directly available and you can share them with others within seconds. A special app is not required for this, modern smartphones can read the NFC chip, with older devices you can share your data thanks to a QR code. The recipient presses Save and has your data directly in their mobile phone. So you only need one card to be able to share your contact data and accounts indefinitely.


The NFC card for influencers

The stable NFC card makes a cool first impression, reinforced by its very simple handling. Especially for influencers, networking with the NFC business card offers a wide range of possibilities. Influencers can save all their social media accounts on the NFC business card. For special events, it is possible to create an extra button that leads directly to a prize draw or newsletter subscription. In no time at all, many followers can be found at parties, business dinners or competitions. With a single touch, the data is saved on the other person's smartphone. The business card of other influencers disappears in the pocket for the time being, the decision to subscribe to the channel is postponed until later and is thus forgotten. Networking with NFC business cards is much easier and more direct. This is how you are remembered.


Environmentally friendly and sustainable

The NFC business card for networking is light, water-resistant and uncomplicated. Just as you pay at the supermarket with a quick swipe of your debit card or mobile phone, you can share your contact details with other people with the NFC card for networking. No matter where you are: The NFC card is always with you like a credit card. It doesn't get creased, it doesn't get dirty, it doesn't get soaked in the rain. If something changes in your stored data, you can easily enter the changes and continue to use the card. You save a lot of paper and protect the environment. Start the future with the NFC business card for networking.


The technology of the future

NFC stands for Near Field Communication and means near field communication. In contrast to data exchange via WLAN, no Internet is necessary nor is it required to couple two devices as in Bluetooth transmission. The NFC business card is held at a maximum distance of 5 cm from an NFC-compatible device and the data immediately passes onto the device. Due to the small distance, the data cannot be intercepted by other users. NFC is also used for contactless payment or for scanning tickets at events. It is a very secure transmission path and completely sufficient for smaller amounts of data such as numbers, texts or codes. Smartphones from version 4.0, iPhones from the 6th generation and current tablets are equipped with NFC, older devices are able to read the QR code on the card.


Businesses with a future

The NFC business card is also a good alternative to classic paper business cards for companies. Lead your company into the future and equip your employees with NFC business cards. Use the NFC card for networking to make your company better known and more transparent. Skip the hassle of ordering individual paper business cards and give your customers the chance to get to know your company in an up-to-date way. Thanks to the uncomplicated and flexible changing options, you can adapt your contact details, opening hours or social media accounts at any time and let customers save them on their device. Networking with NFC cards will be the future.


Advantages of the NFC Business Card


There are many benefits to using the NFC card for networking.

- Data transfer to any device. If a customer does not have an NFC-compatible device, the data can also be transferred via the QR code.

- Contactless transmission of data instead of handing it over in paper form ensures security, especially in times of pandemics.

- Lower costs due to one-time purchase and flexible adaptation and modification options

- Transmission of larger amounts of data than on a classic business card. You decide which data you want to share.

- Innovative technology and uniqueness will make your business stand out

- Environmentally friendly as no paper is needed and less waste is generated

- Maximum durability and always available so you are remembered longer. The majority of classic business cards end up in the trash within a week and are often not saved.

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