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Rose gold metal business cards

Rose gold metal business cards

Be inspired by our gold metal business cards. They come in a charming rose gold and are of stainless steel. Our business cards are timeless and a distinctive eyecatcher. We are a selected manufacturer of metal business cards. It is our aim to convince by excellent quality compared with free personalized design service. The attention to detail is visible.


What the rose gold business card is all about?

You may use itin different ways; it might be an eye-catching invitation to a company’s event or a calling card, you better like to use it as a gift card? Not a problem at all. A magnetic stripe can be added easily. The soft design is unique and recognizable, the light rose is unobtrusive and luxury and it goes with one free spot color per site. The main spot colors are gold, rose gold and a classic black. The rose gold metal business card is produced in standard US business card size, which makes it easy and comfortable to stow in the own cardholder. The glamming effect is visible and distinctive.

It's custom- mirror or matte

Our cards are custom, they are visible luxury and extremely special. You can either receive them with a classy matte surface or with a glam mirror surface. Either of them is a glittering hint. A custom design, a premium collection. Simply special.

What material are the cards made of?

It's made of stainless steel; thickness 0.5mm, therefore it is very stable and durable, other thicknesses are also available. The most common thickness of metal cards is 0,3mm in the USA but 0,5mm offers a better and long-lived quality. Due to the fact the metal business cards in standard card size are made of stainless steel, 0.5mm thick, the lifetime is very long, furthermore the surface is very smooth and easy to care for and it looks neat for a long time. In addition, stainless steel is a top-quality material.

Want a special print on your card?

Yes, go for it. We have the most talented designers that will love to work with you on your prints. There are different variable data valid for the metal cards. You may have a full color printing on your card or a luxury printing. There are several printing possibilities for your rose gold metal business cards. Our designers are specialized in a variety of different printing styles. It is important to us and our designers that the expectations of the customers are met. For each card there is one free design artwork and one free spot color for each site. Our designers are specially trained in printing processes for our customers cards.

Other styles such as laser?

A customer often needs other styles than printing, they want some special effect, something more visible. We can either laser or print the desired designs on to the rose gold metal business cards. Various features make the cards something special. Laser engravings cause the special effect and the metal card will stay in mind forever. Extremely fine lines can be cut accurately with the laser. A lasered engraving on a card is unique. Lasered engraving on cards together with a brushed effect provides the special effect nobody can resist. The following design is a crushed surface.

Printing x 2 and in more colors, no problem

But also printing in one or printing in several colors is a great way to catch customers and friends, to keep their attention. Printing can be made in several colors; One free spot color- just 15 cents for each additional color. Due to variable data printing, printing process is very quick so that delivery time will not be affected by number of cards that are due to be printed. Variable data printing process is a form of digital printing, in which switching from element to element is possible without stopping. This is why a image can be easily printed on your rose gold business cards. You need an invitation or a "thank you" card with a special printing? Not a problem at all; full-color image or full-color logos can be uploaded and printed, one spot color included. The clue is you can upload your own print to have more reviews on your card. Your personal handwriting will be visible and this will make your print even more special. Print upload is $ 0.00.

It's the details that count;

In addition to your uploaded images, you can create your own image together with our designers and print them on your rose gold metal business cards. This process might take a little longer due to the search of the right colors and the creative processing but it will be worth it. Another variable data is engraving images or patterns on your business cards. This service is high quality and such special. People all over the USA love it. Please see the example upload which show and engraving and a visible cut out. Print upload is $ 0.00.



After having chosen all features you needed correct price can be calculated. Please make sure you selcted any features you need, should you be struggling with the features just press the "?" icon and customer service will help you. The features make the card special.

Special offers

Should you need any special features on your card, feel free to contact our employees for a special offer. Please indicate any features you wish, so that a correct price can be calculated. A description of your ideas might also help. You need an additional spot color; a special pricing; an extravagant artwork or the rose gold metal business cards should just be a tiny bit more luxury? Not a problem at all. Just contact the customer service. Customer satisfaction is our daily business.

Laser etching- a reserved artwork

Variable data laser etching is very popular, it brings all the luxury together with style. Create a trending surface to your card. Etching is such an elegant way to make your card something very special. The durable design matches the golden details and brings out the shine of the cards. Only best material is used for etch, laser or print a card. The etch process is various; The design can either be printed on the business card without an etch or with a full bleed etch. Another great feature is that you can upload your very own image or your own design. For a special effect the etch may be filled with ink, it is more visbile then. Print upload is $ 0.00.

Cards please- supplement a paper card to your metal business card

A wonderful supplement to a lasered, printed or etched card is a paper card. Artwork at it's best. Fine lines and great design on high quality material. Search for perfect shapes and colors together with our designer to create the perfect design. After all that there will be final reviews and then you may upload your print. Print upload is $ 0.00.

Premium service- free shipping all over the USA

There is free shipping all over the USA for the rose gold metal business cards including a free tracking code to know where the ordered metal cards are and how long it might take until they reach their final destination. Free shipping is valid for all metal business cards to any address desired. Whenever the order is ready for shipping, customers receive the tracking code. Terms of shipping are mentioned on our website. Shipping is free the numberof cards thereby does not matter.

Special rates for special quantity

It's a pleasure for us to offer special rates for a certain quantity; quantity of 100 cards includes one screen print, free artwork and unlimited cut outs. For special quantity just contact customer service. Pricing will be adapted to your request. Should you need your cards by a special date just let us know. Please upload your contact detaild and we easily get in touch.

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