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White metal business cards

White metal business cards

Your new metal business cards come in different colors, choose a color for your card that suits your purpose best-  silver one for a shiny finish, a white color card for a matt finish or a stainless steel card for a modern and professional look. You can also choose from a number of different color card designs on each type of metal business cards you buy from our shop. Each card will be unique artwork of its own, we create it only for you in your own unique design with all individual features and data you need. We use a laser, we engrave or we use  a special printing process to add featureto your card.

White metal cards are an excellent way to make your business stand out from the competition. Plus, our custom cards are made with durability in mind. They come with a glossy brushed white color finish that can be laser engraved with your logo or any other information you would like to include. You can engrave all features that you need to make sure all important data is visible for your customer. White metal business cards are an incredibly elegant way to present your precious information. White business cards are perfect for salesmen because they will be able to carry all the necessary information with them everywhere they go without having too many items in their pockets that would lessen their posture.

White metal credit cards are one of the most versatile and popular credit card options. They hold a very classic feel, which makes them appropriate to give to many types of customers in many different industries. When you purchase something with your credit card made out of white metal, your sellers will note this design artwork with gratitude. The smooth texture of stainless steel will add even more attention to the information printed on your card.

The matte finish option creates just enough contrast with its smooth curves for the white color to appear even brighter than usual, making it an excellent choice for an elegant design. But if you wish another color, this is also possible. You can also add printing on your white card in order to add an individual touch to your white metal business cards.


white metal business cards

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Stand out with your metal business card

Whatever color you choose with this kind of card, glossy white, silver or stainless steel, you will get the best result possible in terms of design and durability. Your customers will love it once they hold your metal card in their hands. White, stainless steel but also every other color design can be printed on your business cards for free. You can also choose the laser engrave version in every color.

We stand for high quality artwork so be sure to provide the best image you can. During the production process of your metal business card we will make sure that high quality work is always ensured, whether you choose the matte version  or the brushed one. Whatever you search...we have all kinds of designs for a perfect finish in stock. You can finish printing white paper cards with a boring card design.  Impress your partners with a unique card design in white or any other color.

Metal business cards - choose the one that suits you best

Create your own metal business card design through our easy ordering process. We will design your card for free and make sure it looks exactly how you pictured it in your mind. All you need to do is make a purchase, send us the file with your logo and our team will handle the rest of the design for free. Our service team will stand by your side until you're 100% satisfied with the final product - a team of high quality VIP designers is always happy to support our customers around the world. You can follow up on every stage of the process: design service, printing, etching, maybe using the laser engrave features, every step of production takes place within only a few weekdays.

You can choose from different metal business card designs. Choose the thickness you wish to make your  business cards in and make sure to mention which kind of design you would like for your business card. Do you need a thick card or rather a lean one? There are standard thicknesses, but we can also make them thicker if you prefer. If you would like it to be a more thick card, it might cost more. But nevertheless the price is worth this unique and outstanding design.

If you decide to buy business cards from us, we will engrave the text and design exactly as you have given it to us or as you have indicated on. Logos or other features in every possible color, photos, numbers and  brand symbols can also be engraved or customized with a laser on your cards. We can also engrave your data on both the front and back of the business card, even if you choose to have a design without an engraving on one side.


No design ideas? Our team will do the artwork for you.

You can also choose to work together with our design service,- if you don't have any specific ideas or you are uncertain about the color or design you search for for your business cards, we can support you. Our professional designers gladly take care of the whole process from bringing your idea to life and we print the features that you ask for on the finished product. This service is free for our customers.

If you want to give your card a special touch, our digital personalized services can be used. These include adding elements, brand names, etching, photo, customizing and engraving details.

Delivery times are quick and excellent service is also provided, meaning that if you have any questions or concerns then they can be dealt with. Shipping is carried out quickly after your purchase, depending of the number of features and printing processes you add to your order in order to give your metal business card a special and unique note.

Many sellers offer metal business cards but we stand out from other sellers concerning the amount of different cards we have in stock.  Make sure you pay attention to quality, printing services used, delivery time and free services. With us, every card we print, white or a silver metal card, a thick or a lean one, which vard design you use -  we ensure to make a unique artwork out of your metal card.

Why choose a metal business card?

A metal business card is a great way to make a lasting impression on potential clients. Our custom metal cards are made from stainless steel and can be laser engraved with your name, number, photo, company logo, and all other features with every card design you choose.

Our business cards are made of metal therefore The resistance to bending and scratching makes them superior to business cards made out of other materials with a simple ink print. Whether it's brushed aluminum or zinc, our metal cards will meet your every expectation. These cards won't bend. Our metal cards are also magnetic, so that they can be stored on magnetic boards for a more innovative storage of your business card.

The metal business card is durable and will not break if dropped. The metal cards also have a longer lifespan than regular paper business cards. Since the metal cards are printed with high -quality laser print, the business card will not fade over time. You can use them all year around without being worn out. The card's color and everything we print on it will not be worn out and your important data remains readable for a long time. With paper cards ink often fades out, the color turns pale or the ink  will run after some time - this will not happen with laser printing or when you choose to engrave your features.  Also, every edge is grinded during the production process so that even with the stainless steel option you have a smooth and nice touch of every edge.

Impress your customer with your metal business card. They will think you're very professional if they receive a metal business card. Use this opportunity to establish your credibility and let potential customers know that you are reliable because of the durable material of the business cards.


Your membership for the winner club

With a metal business or membership card you will receive access to the VIP membership of businesses, impressing client and customer and making your address known. Add spice for a small price to your relationship with your client by handing out a metal business card. This gesture is a sign that you made it, that your company is on the edge of greatness. 100 cards made of white paper will never create the impression one metal card makes.

A high quality metal business card has a mirror-like shine, is scratch resistant and quickly makes an impression at trade fairs, networking meetings or just among friends.

Metal business cards are especially suitable for VIP companies that want to distinguish themselves from the competitors with extra luxury and a special design. It is your business's sign for outstanding greatness.

Metal business card - production process

The production process of our metal cards is perfectionated for quick and smooth delivery processes from start to finish. Once your order  is received, it is estimated to be finished and shipped within only a few days after your purchase. Your desired print, features, laser design and etching is  included in the price. Delivery may vary according to chosen thickness, color, laser engraving and print of your business cards.

We also offer a white metal business cards that can be made from your own design, where engraving and cutting is included. If you want to make this special kind of business card, please contact us to discuss it further!

When you order business cards from us, we offer delivery worldwide. We have different shipping methods depending on how fast it should be delivered. For price details and shipping features check out our homepage.

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