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Why stainless steel business cards 2



Why stainless steel business cards and not another material

If you have decided on stainless steel business cards, you are well on the way to leaving a lasting impression on your customers and partners. But are stainless steel business cards the best choice for your company? Our portfolio includes a variety of different metals. From stainless steel to copper to aluminum, you will find everything in our portfolio. 

Almost everyone who thinks of metal business cards initially has a stainless steel business card in mind. This is because stainless steel, thanks to its silver color, is the epitome of metals in general. Stainless steel stands for high quality items, quality and luxury. Just think about your good stainless steel cutlery or your expensive hi-fi system with stainless steel elements. The metal not only refines our high-tech possessions, but also your personal business card. The term alone immediately conveys that it is a classy business card. Steels with a particularly high degree of purity are known as stainless steels and are therefore ideally suited as particularly high-quality stainless steel business cards for your requirements.

Ideas for different industries:


Automotive industry

Nowadays there are more and more automakers, dealerships, and dealerships. In addition, more and more people are using Internet portals to buy vehicles. Here in particular, it is all the more important as a car dealer to maintain interpersonal contacts. Buying a car is often a difficult decision for your customers. Make it easy for them! A stainless steel business card goes perfectly with your product, as metallic elements can be found in every vehicle. Whether rims, paintwork or radiator grille – the style element stainless steel can be found in every car.


Steel and metal construction

For handicraft businesses, we can recommend the parapet of the stainless steel card. This brushed finish creates a rustic look and stands for quality and durability. Remember stainless steel and choose it over your competition.

Dentists, specialists and surgeons

For doctors, the stainless steel business card offers the perfect combination of seriousness and value. Your reliability, your specialist knowledge or your commitment – these are all reasons why customers choose you as a doctor. Our stainless steel business card is the perfect information carrier for the values and services of your practice. The noble and at the same time simple stainless steel card does not need any frills and symbolizes the value of your work with a sympathetic down-to-earth attitude.

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