Glossy Black Card (100 cards package)

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    The following services are included in the basic price:

    - Natural finish

    - Custom size and shape (within standard dimensions).

    - Etching & Cut out

    - Digital design proof within 24 hours.

    - Transparent card sleeves


    For bulk orders, contact us at: +49 513 6804 8181

    Card Design

    Book our professional design service or already have a ready design that is compatible with our design guidelines (Metaliccards Design Guideline).

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    Surface Finish

    Choose one of our finishes for your metal cards. Different finishes on one card are possible (they increase the production time significantly).


    Number of printed colors - "1" means one color on one side. (For example, if you want one color on both sides, please select "2").


    Choose additional add-ons.

    Laser engraving

    Choose an option if you want to have your logo, texts or patterns laser printed on your metal cards. (For color printing, see the "Colors" option).

    Individual Information

    Choose the type of individual information you want on each card.

    Card Sleeves

    Choose a card sleeve for your metal cards.

    Card Thickness

    Choose a thickness for your metal cards

    Product overview

    Glossy Black Cards are made of black oxidized stainless steel. They have a noble shine. The metallic character comes into its own thanks to the oxidation. In contrast to matt black, these cards appear anthracite.
    Metal cards
    Metal cards


    • Thickness: 0.1mm 0.3mm 0.5mm 0.8mm.
    • Finishes: Natural, Brushed, Mirror, Textured, Etched Background pattern.
    • Dimensions: standard dimensions 85 x 54 mm, other dimensions possible.
    • Extras: magnetic strips, NFC / RFID chips. individual bar QR codes.
    • Processing: laser, etching, cutouts. Screen printing up to 5 real colors or in four-color offset printing (CMYK)
    • Customizations: serial numbers or individual names and numbers.

    Material Thicknesses

    Choose the thickness of your glossy black cards. We recommend a thickness of 0.5 mm. Good ratio between stiffness and weight.

    • 0,1 mm
    • 0,3 mm
    • 0,5 mm
    • 0,8 mm

    Surface finish

    We offer glossy black cards in our 4 different standard finishes. Your creativity knows no limits.
    Metal cards
    Metal cards


    Natural finish

    Untreated stainless steel

    Subtle and classic, slightly silky matt look and available at no extra charge.


    Brushed finish

    Look and available at no extra charge.

    Industrial look. The bestseller among the stainless steel cards.


    Textured finish

    A sandblasted look.

    A rough, leathery surface that prevents “fingerprints”.


    Etched background pattern

    Works like a “blind embossing”.

    Almost limitless possibilities for individual patterns and structures.

    Product details

    Free shapes and sizes

    We always produce our metal cards individually. They are not tied to a specific shape or size. The standard dimensions are 85 x 54 mm. In the case of minor deviations, there are no price changes. The highlight – within these dimensions, free forms and “punchings” can be implemented at no extra charge.
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    Metal cards
    Metal cards

    Laser engraving, cutout, etching

    In contrast to paper business cards or plastic cards, our metal cards offer almost endless possibilities. In addition to the fact that our cards are more durable and therefore more sustainable, we can “cut out”, laser-engrave or “emboss” (etching) your vectorized logos and designs. This turns your business card into an unforgettable visual and haptic experience. Such a high-quality metal card, made with love and craftsmanship, is a pleasure to pick up again and again. This is how you make yourself unforgettable.
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    Color prints

    We can print any standard color in screen printing colors. In order to guarantee the most exact color reproduction possible, it is recommended to specify a Pantone color. Full color printing in offset is possible. Since we print on metal surfaces, we prefer the screen printing process. We use PANTONE colors to ensure the most exact color reproduction possible. Images and gradients are printed in four-color offset printing (CMYK).
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    Metal cards
    Metal cards

    Magnetic strips, QR codes, NFC chips and more.

    We have been combining the analog and digital worlds for some time. Put a magnetic strip or NFC chip on your metal cards and use your metal card as a data storage device or access card. Putting a QR code on your metal business card is also a good option.
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    Serial Numbers & Individual Names

    Whether they are serial numbers, signature fields, personal names or codes, you can use personalization options during the printing process or by laser engraving.
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    Metal cards

    Price overview

    Stainless steel cards basic price

    Quantity 0.1mm 0.3mm 0.5mm 0.8mm
    50 Quantity 7.49 € € 7.64 € 7.85 € 8.12
    100 Quantity € 4.37 € 4.46 € 4.67 € 4.94
    150 Quantity € 3.57 € 3.65 € 3.86 € 4.12
    200 Quantity € 3.18 € 3.24 € 3.46 € 3.72
    300 Quantity € 2.93 € 2.99 € 3.20 € 3.47
    500 Quantity € 2.61 € 2.66 € 2.87 € 3.14
    750 Quantity € 2.50 € 2.55 € 2.77 € 3.03
    1000 Quantity € 2.30 € 2.34 € 2.55 € 2.82


    Additional edits

    Finish Price Color & Laser Price
    Natural – € one-sided per color € 0.11
    Etching – € per color on both sides 0.22€
    Brushed € 0.21 * CMYK offset printing € 0.42
    Mirror € 0.21 * Laser one-sided € 0.22
    Textured € 0.21 * Laser on both sides € 0.44
    Extras Price Extras Price
    Bar QR code € 0.42 Signature field € 0.42
    RFID NFC chips € 0.21 Magnetic stripe € 0.31
    Serial number (ascending or descending) ** € 0.42
    Individual names and / or numbers ** € 0.64

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    Order Samples

    We have different sample cards in our range that you can order individually or in combination. Different metals are available: stainless steel, matt black steel, brass and copper. We have also developed the sample box, which clearly shows all materials, finishes and thicknesses and is well suited for advertising agencies.

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    You are looking for a special business card that stands out from the mass of metal business cards.

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    Our designers specialize in the creation of premium business cards. Use our design service to create the best business card design together with us.

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