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Special aluminum business cards, Stainless steel, gold and silver.

Here you will find the selection of our materials, which you can refine and modify in the next step according to your preferences. Take a look around, there is a lot to discover.
Are the standard metals still not fancy enough for you? Then we have a suitable selection for you of the finest metals and materials our planet has to offer. Enjoy the special attention that comes with these premium business cards.

Metal Membership Cards and more ...

Metal materials can be used for a variety of applications beyond metal business cards. Our metal cards are ideal for club cards, gift certificates, VIP cards, and more. We use high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity for all our metal products.

Diamonds, real gold or sterling silver

Get in touch with our finishing experts and experience them
Limitless individualization with our M-individual solutions.
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Your way to an individual metal business card

In simple steps to your personal metal card.



Select a material in our product overview and click on Configure on the product page.



The configurator shows you the individual processing options with images. You just choose what you like.



Since every card from our company is custom-made, we are unfortunately unable to provide any prices. However, we will make you an individual offer at short notice.



Upload your details and our designers will do the rest for you. Of course, if you want to create your design yourself, you can.

Metal cards Design

The Metaliccards design service for business cards, membership cards and more. You provide us with your ideas and our design team implements them individually.

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Business Cards Finishing

You still have no idea of the possibilities you have with us. Let us explain the individual finishes to you in detail here.

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Processing data...

Our production allows you to order all cards in various surface structures. Read more about the multitude of options here.

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With metal business cards Make a statement!

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